bak-rak canoe-rak

The Canoe-rak is part of the pole-rak family and consists of a pair of strong arms to support the nose of the canoes with a u-shape frame at the top to stop the canoes moving sideways.

A bike-rak (roof rack type) can be mounted on the lower frame to replace one of the canoes.

The Pole-rak gives a family of carriers based round an aluminium high-strength pole. This includes a ski-rak family and bike-raks – but can also mount the basket-rak spine or a base-rak to give a range of carriers that can simultaneously carry multiple items such as bikes and a spare wheel or luggage (if your car is up to it).

The rack comes with a ratchet strap to restrain the canoes to the pole.

The standard rack will take two canoes or several windsurfers but there is an option to take 4 canoes – contact us for details.

The standard pole is 1.7m long but we can offer a 2.5 metre pole – useful for long canoes – for an extra £75 – contact us for details.

Canoe-raks are made up to order so there is likely to be a week or so while we put it together. For the same reason there is a 25% charge if you decide to return it and it must be as delivered.


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