AceVolt launches Campower 700, a portable power station

AceVolt has announced their upcoming next-gen portable power station, Campower 700.

The brand, AceVolt,  provides safe and clean outdoor electric solutions for campers, RV travelers, and other people who spend time in the great outdoors. The cutting-edge AceVolt LiFePO4 portable power stations are also absolutely safer than regular Li-ion power stations available in the current market.

AceVolt Campower is a portable power station well-suited to meet the camping needs of contemporary campers. The product is a result of extensive research and development, taken up with over 100 campers. Each camper came up with a valuable suggestion to optimize the product and align it completely to the needs of campers.

As one of the rising stars in its line of business, AceVolt has put in what it takes to develop an exceptional and eco-friendly portable power station that helps campers generate power in an environment-friendly yet efficient manner. Additionally, Campower packs several features that make it every camper’s best friend. Some of the features of Campower include,

  • An eco-friendly battery comprising LiFePO4, consisting of the latest lithium
  • Heavy-duty and a safe battery that’s resistant to overheating
  • Long battery lifespan that lasts over five years and does over 2500 charging cycles
  • Durable exterior body and top-quality internal components

Another striking feature of AceVolt Campower 700 is the appearance that makes it look distinct. The portable power station is uniquely designed and gives a delightful aesthetic appearance to help campers identify it and to be able to pick the best portable power station for their needs.

“We resonate with the needs of modern campers, who need the best and the most eco-friendly power generation stations. AceVolt portable power station is precisely the product campers have been looking for for years. We’ve put in a lot of effort and research with over 100 campers by our side to ensure our product does what campers expect it to do. AceVolt looks forward to an amazing response from campers across the US,” the spokesperson of AceVolt stated.

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