Dalesman are lighting the way with NEBO

Tom Grindey, from outdoor distributor Dalesman, speaks to Mark Hayhurst about NEBO and new products on the horizon.

Dalesman International Ltd, based in Leyland, Lancashire, was founded in 1960 with the aim of providing outdoor brands to leading outdoor retailers.

Fast forward to 2023 and although their brand offering has changed radically they still strive to distribute both technically innovative and class leading brands combined with unrivalled sales and marketing support for all their dealers.

They currently have 16 brands in their portfolio but in this article, Tom Grindey focuses on lighting solution experts NEBO.

For more than 20 years, NEBO has been at the forefront of innovation in LED lighting technology and has sold over 30 million of the world’s best-selling lines of innovative, consumer-friendly flashlights and tools.

Tom said: “NEBO is one of the premium brands in our portfolio. It’s an important part of our business and our premium lighting brand.

“There are probably 40 products in the range.  And the newly launched power range, which has got a range of eight products launching this month.”

NEBO are an American brand, well known in the USA for their products used in the DIY and outdoor market.

Tom said: “They are a work and tool brand, as well as an outdoor brand, and have a big DIY following in the States. Their work and tool lights also crossover well into the outdoor world.

“Some of their products like Big Larry were very much designed to sit on till points. They’re great for popping in your toolbox. They’ve got a magnet on the bottom, which you can use under the bonnet of a car or wherever you are working. But you can use them in your caravan or your motorhome, whatever it might be.

“From there the brand grew into torches, head torches, camping lanterns etc. They have a torch for everything or light for everything, every activity you want to do.

“NEBO has become hight popular for us. They’re designed to be rich in feature set but at a reasonable price point for a lumen torch. A decent torch with an aluminium body and good focus.

“They were first to the market with the Lil Larry C.O.B light style – that was great at till points – there was nothing out there like it. You can tell it is popular because it has been copied many times but nothing has topped it.”

The Lil Larry is equipped with new C•O•B LED technology and outputs 250 lumens of intense light.

Secondary light modes include Low (95 lumens) and the Emergency Red Flash mode. This intense red light is perfect for distress signalling or roadside emergencies.

The anodised aluminium body and recessed LED housing ensures that the Lil Larry can handle any situation. It’s small size makes this flashlight extremely portable.

But torches are not their only lighting solution, NEBO’s lantern range is also proving to be a big hit.

Tom said: “The NEBO lanterns has been the biggest growth for us this year the range is growing.

“The Galileo Air, which is a fully rechargeable collapsible lantern, has been really popular for us.

“The lanterns go down well with consumers – they’re practical and do the job. You don’t need massive expense, you just need something that has the light and you can carry around with you.

“Like a lot of outdoor kit, sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles. You just want something that’s going to perform, is durable and you can rely on it. And that’s what NEBO tools do.”

But Dalesman are adding to their NEBO range with their new power banks. NEBO describe them as: “Our rugged, reliable power solutions redefine convenience for adventures. Portable power banks for unexpected, untethered living!”

And the power banks come with different functions.

Tom said: “Not only is there a power bank. But there are also assist devices for your vehicle. So, not only is it a power bank but they also have compressors, to pump your tyres, jump leads to start your vehicle and a light for the side of the road. Just keep it in your car, you can also charge your phone with them.”

But it’s not all about NEBO for Dalesman. Products like the Thor fully rechargeable electronic hand warmers, which can double as a power bank, have been popular. Especially with sustainability in mind, as you don’t have to throw them away after one use. But also, a new face on the block for the outdoor distributor.

Tom said: “We’ve just launched a new brand in the UK, Grand Trunk. And we are the sole distributors of it in the UK. So that’s sales, marketing and all the stuff that comes with it, such as warranty and support.

“It’s an American brand out of Utah – they have an exciting and innovative range or outdoor seating, hammocks, shelters and accessories.”

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