Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort were very impressive

After many years I gave in, time to use Superfeet in my boots. I have been one of those people who recommends, sold and fitted lots of Superfeet but never got around to using a pair myself!

I walk over distances from six to 40 miles and was after comfort and arch support.

I used the insole fit finder on the Superfeet website and after some simple and quick questions I got recommended I have been fitting insoles into walking and ski boots for many years so had no issue fitting these to my boots. I would recommend getting the insole both recommended and fitted by an expert.  Most outdoor shops stock them and will be able to give you advice. There is also a store location finder on the website here.

My first walk was local to see how I would get on. I did take the original footbeds with me as a backup but didn’t need them! I took a local walk in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside of around six miles. 

The first thing I noticed was the cushioning under my heels. I used to get a little pain after three miles but there was nothing. There is an excellent cushion under the heel of the footbeds and it also held my heel in a better position. 

The second improvement I noticed was after the walk. This was the support under my arch, no pain. In the past I have noticed a little pain in my arches and needed to rub my feet to ease them. After the short walk there was no pain. I did not notice the support during the walk but definitely noticed after.

The second use was for a scout camp, I was on my feet all day and walked around 14 miles! I usually have very tired feet, pain and just a general feeling. I know I have been on my feet all day.  After the full day of walking and running around I felt amazing. No pain, niggles or discomfort.

I used these with my Tecnica Magma boots and found there was no effect in fit.  The footbeds fitted in well and added comfort and support. I am looking forward to using these on longer distances and for more day hikes.

I have been very impressed with my footbeds and would recommend if you have niggles or pains to get down to your local shop and get Superfeet fitted.


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