The Columbia Men’s Trailstorm Waterproof Walking Shoe

The Trailstorm Waterproof Walking Shoe is a great shoe, good at keeping feet warm, dry and protected when the weather or the ground is wet. I wore them for several wild camping and gear testing trips and they did not miss a trick.

I have also used the Trailstorm on a couple of bike camping trips and they preformed perfectly for both walking and biking. More walking on one of the trips as I am getting old!

With waterproof protection plus a secure and comfortable fit, at an amazing RRP, it feels and performs like a much pricier shoe.  So, great for the consumer and the retailer.

The spec is high with the waterproofing provided by Columbia’s own Omni-Tech membrane, which is formed into a seam-sealed bootie-type layer within the shoe. The rest of the upper is mainly synthetic with a tough synthetic fabric, that’s wear resistant, and a rubber-reinforced forefoot area that adds protection to the toe box.

The Columbia style lacing system means the laces lie flat against the shoe and are cushioned by the upper and tongue. So, zero top of foot pain at the end of a long day’s use.

The midsole is Columbia’s Techlite+ providing the right amount of cushioning and stability, with a little stiffness. 

The rubber outsole has arrow-shaped chunky lugs which are multi-directional, designed to provide traction on climbs and descents.

The Trailstorm is also impressively comfortable (one of the most comfortable walking shoes I have used in a fair few years) with a nice amount of room in the toe box but not too much to make the shoe feel loose.

And, finally, they look good, and my partner will tell you that I like them too much because I am always wearing them, walking, hiking or just off to the pub.


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