Nix launches first biosensor to provide real-time sweat science to athletes

Nix, the biosensor company delivering health and wellness data to consumers, launches the Nix Hydration Biosensor.

It is the first-ever consumer biosensor to analyse sweat and provide endurance athletes with personalized hydration data — scientifically validated and delivered in real-time.

Proper hydration is critical to endurance athletes’ performance and safety. The impacts of dehydration range from mild (i.e., fatigue and muscle cramping) to severe (i.e., organ failure and death). Studies show that when athletes drink to thirst, they’re replenishing only half of the fluids they’ve lost – incurring mild dehydration up to 80% of the time. Hydration management is further complicated by the wide range of variability in an individual’s sweat rate, due to myriad factors such as temperature, humidity, altitude, workout intensity, and more.

With hydration intelligence, athletes no longer need to leave proper hydration to chance and can make informed decisions based on their unique sweat profile.

“Athletes are acutely aware of the importance of proper hydration for performance and safety, but have never had the proper tools until now,” said Meridith Cass, Founder and CEO of Nix. “Nix eliminates the traditional trial-and-error approach to hydrating – athletes can now get precise, personalized hydration metrics, telling them exactly when, what, and how much to drink.”

Unlike other hydration sensors, Nix sends real-time data to the Nix App, which integrates with iOS devices and Garmin sport watches (Android and Garmin bike computer compatibility coming soon). By sharing in-the-moment, actionable notifications on fluid and electrolyte loss, athletes can perform at their peak.


The Sweat Patch
A single-use patch that comfortably adheres to the body to collect and analyze sweat.

Sticks to the surface of the skin with kinesiology tape for flexible comfort

Continuously evaluates fluid and electrolyte losses once you start sweating

Non-invasive (i.e., no needles)

The Pod
A durable, reusable pod that clicks into the single-use patch to read and transmit data to the Nix App.

  • Weighs less than 0.5 ounces (similar in size to a sport watch face)
  • Battery life lasts up to 36 hours
  • Streams real-time data to the Nix App

The Nix App
A free app provides real-time hydration intel and helps you prepare for your next run or ride.

  • Available on iOS devices (Android coming soon)
  • Provides real-time hydration notifications and post-workout hydration summaries.
  • Integrates with Apple Watch and Garmin sport watches (Garmin bike computers coming soon)

The Integrations
The Nix app currently integrates with a variety of devices, making it easy to receive notifications on your ride or run.

  • Integrates with iOS devices and Garmin sport watches (Garmin bike computers coming soon)
  • In the future, Nix intends to expand to additional platforms such as Strava, Wahoo, TrainingPeaks, Zwift, Suunto, and Coros.

The Intelligence
Nix’s hydration intelligence doesn’t just help maximize performance and recovery. It gives you a new way to access, understand, and act on your personal biology. 

  • Make better decisions in real-time
  • See how your sweat composition changes based on internal and external factors
  • Identify the right hydration products for your unique needs



  • Before your workout begins, tell the app what type of workout you’re doing (running or biking), where you’re training (indoors or outdoors), and what you’re planning on drinking (water or select your electrolyte drink from the dropdown menu).
  • You can also select your notification preferences, for example: choosing to receive hydration notifications based on time elapsed or fluid lost.


  • Once you start sweating (which can take up to 25 minutes), the Nix single-use patch begins measuring and analyzing your fluid and electrolyte losses per hour — metrics that represent your unique sweat composition.
  • This data is instantly streamed to the Nix app, and can also be shared with devices like your iPhone, Apple Watch, Garmin Watch, and Garmin bike computer.


  • Durable and reusable with a battery life of 36 hours, the lightweight Nix pod clicks into the sweat patch to stream data to the Nix App — providing valuable real-time intel.
  • The app currently integrates with the Apple Watch and Garmin sport watches; Garmin bike computer integration and additional devices are coming soon.


  • After your run or ride is complete, a post-workout summary provides intel that can help inform your hydration strategy going forward.
  • You can also access a list of hydration products organized by electrolyte composition and identify the option that best matches your unique makeup.

The Nix Hydration Biosensor is now available for purchase at for $129 and comes with one Pod, four Sweat Patches, one Charging Case, and one USB cable. The Sweat Patch Refill ($25) contains four additional patches.

While launching in endurance sports, Nix is already conducting research pilots in team sports, military, and laborer populations and plans to expand in some of these markets as early as 2023. In 2022, the Nix Hydration Biosensor was selected as an honorary mention in TIME’s Best of Inventions, a winner of the CES Innovation Awards (Digital Health category) and Best New Product at The Running Event.

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