Immotor to unveil new portable energy storage solutions at CES 2023

Immotor Technology announced that it will unveil its newest portable energy storage products at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The products will be presented alongside its award-winning battery-swapping stations, a part of its green mobility network platform, which has over one million accumulated rider users in China.

Immotor’s BAY500 showcases Immotor’s latest innovations using EV-grade battery technology to provide efficient portable power for outdoor users or as an alternative power supply solution. With 2 AC outputs and up to 7 DC/USB/PD outputs, BAY500 is a portable power station that provides 15W wireless phone charging, 12V car charging and AC/DC pass-through charging. It can be charged by AC, PD100 and solar panel, offering incredible convenience for outdoor users.

The all-new Power Chamber reveals Immotor’s revolutionary solution to the growing customer demand for charging a diverse range of small electronic devices on the go. This jaw-dropping new product is the world’s most compact portable power station of its kind that offers multiple AC and PD outputs. In addition to high power USB outputs, it allows users to charge up to 7 devices including laptops, tablets, phones, and other small devices that require AC or high-power PD charging.

“This is my 21st consecutive year attending CES and I’m very excited to bring these two amazing products to the show,” said Daniel Huang, Founder and CEO of Immotor Technology, who previously founded Mophie and was the inventor of the Mophie Juice Pack, the first Apple certified iPhone battery case. “Innovation and Design have always been in the genes of Immotor, and all our R&D efforts are driven by customer needs. With over 230 patents, at Immotor, every day we strive to create stylish and powerful energy-efficient products for our customers.”

As a forward-looking initiative to encourage the use of green energy power, Immotor has partnered with GreenPower Network, a Web 3.0 and blockchain technology company in Singapore to provide users with NFT awards.

Users of BAY500 and Power Chamber will be eligible to receive an NFT that can generate crypto by simply using the products – the more they use, the more crypto assets they will be rewarded.

“Our users will benefit from using green power,” said Harry Z., VP of Software at Immotor. “By incorporating decentralized finance, or Defi, with energy, we will be able to provide EnergyFi to encourage more users to go green.”

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