Helinox embraces carbon reduction with SME Climate Commitment

Leading lightweight outdoor furniture brand Helinox has continued its work towards embracing sustainable business practices by taking a key pledge in the United Nations’ global Race to Zero campaign.

Helinox has signed up to the SME (small to medium sized enterprise) Climate Commitment and will embed into its business the carbon measurement and reduction work required to achieve that.

Backed by the United Nations, Race to Zero is a global initiative that is rallying non-state actors to take rigorous and immediate action to halve global emissions by 2030. As part of that, organisations that sign up to the SME Climate Commitment pledge to: Halve their greenhouse gas emissions before 2030; achieve net zero emissions before 2050; and disclose their progress on a yearly basis.

Andrew Shand, CEO of Helinox Europe, comments: “This is an important moment for Helinox. As a company, we have always been open and honest about our approach to achieving more sustainable business practices. We know that our largest carbon footprint lies in how we make product and to date we have focused on using recycled materials as a start to reducing our impact.  We recognise the significant work that we still need to do in this area, but we are also fully committed to take on those challenges. There is support available to do that and we’re already working closely with the sustainability team at the European Outdoor Group to take the necessary steps in our business.

“First and foremost, we are signing up to the SME Climate Commitment because we are determined to succeed when measured against the pledges that are involved. However, we also hope that shouting about this means that we can also be part of building a critical mass of companies that join us in the Race to Zero. This is not something that we regard as optional and I hope that colleagues across the outdoor industry agree.”

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