Halti Cyclus unisex parka jacket sets the blueprint of sustainable apparel

The ground-breaking new Halti Cyclus unisex parka jacket sets the blueprint of sustainable apparel for the future by making use of both Spinnova and imogo’s technologies.

The Cyclus unisex parka is a modern tribute to Halti’s roots in the world of outdoor activities and natural fibres and is the first to be made from environmentally friendly SPINNOVA fibre and cotton and dyed using Imogo’s sustainable hi-precision dyeing technology from Sweden. 

Very little water and no harmful chemicals are used in the production of SPINNOVA fibre. The fibre is also entirely biodegradable and recyclable. Sustainability and easy repair are considered in every detail in the design as well as the recyclability of materials.

“We have extremely high criteria for all the materials we use at Halti: not only do we look for recyclability and sustainability, but the materials we use must withstand wear and tear, protecting their users from wind and horizontal rain. It is fascinating to use new materials and learn how they work in practice. Our long-term aim is to make products such as the Cyclus unisex parka widely available to consumers, becoming wardrobe staples for everyday wear. Knowing that SPINNOVA doesn’t compromise on performance or sustainability makes them a natural partner for us to work with,” said Halti’s CEO Aki Kuusilehto.

The Cyclus unisex parka combines two next-generation technologies in its production: made from SPINNOVA fibre, the parka has also been dyed with Swedish textile technology company imogo’s hi-precision dyeing technology. imogo’s patented technology is highly resource efficient, decreasing energy, chemical and water use by over 90% compared to conventional jet dyeing. The production process of SPINNOVA fibre uses minimal water and zero harmful chemicals and the fibre is fully biodegradable and circular.

As two thirds of a garment’s CO2 emissions are typically caused by material production, dyeing and treatment, replacing traditional textile processing methods with new technologies such as Spinnova and imogo’s presents a real opportunity for fashion brands looking to decrease their carbon footprint – as well as their water and chemical use.

“Halti and imogo are both examples of strong Nordic brands that are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity, performance and sustainability. We’re excited to deepen our partnership with both companies and can’t wait for the Cyclus unisex parka to hit the stores,” Spinnova CEO Kim Poulsen added.

“In the design, I wanted to go back to Halti’s roots – not as a replica but as a modern urban tribute. The starting points for the design were timelessness, technical functionality, and respect for nature. These criteria led us to choose SPINNOVA® fibre as the main material. The parka withstands various weather conditions, can be easily repaired, and its materials can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle,” said Halti’s designer Hanna Koivula.

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