Dynamic Brands and Trimco join forces for sustainability

Norwegian fashion outerwear company, Dynamic Brands, is helping to pave the path of transparency and compliance in the fashion industry with its recent collaboration with Trimco Group and its innovative Product DNA platform.

Inspired by the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles, and already members of the Ethical Trade Norway association (Etisk Handel), this move will help Dynamic Brands, previously known as Elements Production and owner of the Vikafjell, Sway, Mitchi, Heldre, and Tiny Trolls of Norway brands, to respond to the increasing demand from consumers for more transparency in the fashion industry, as well as stay on top of the increasing legal regulations, such as the Norwegian Transparency Act, published 6 months ago.

Trimco Group’s Product DNA® platform collects social and environmental certificates of international standards from Dynamic Brands’ global outwear garment suppliers, placing all key information in one, easily accessible platform. With their first outerwear fashion brands already onboarded and by using the Product DNA® Certificate Manager module, Dynamic Brands can now start monitoring compliance across their supply chain. The project will continue throughout 2023 with ongoing social and environmental compliance monitoring, plus the application of a digital passport.

“Åpenhetsloven is a great initiative to drive more responsible fashion here in Norway, but it is not an easy task. Thanks to Trimco’s expert teams and international setup, we’ve been able to build up the monitoring tool and run a pilot quickly. Within a few months from our first meeting, we had garment suppliers on the platform, onboarded by Trimco’s local customer service teams, in their own language. It would be an impossible task for us to do on our own,” said Jan Frode Skeie, Production Manager, at Dynamic Brands. “We like to involve users in developing our outerwear collections, ensuring that we combine design and function and ensuring that our products are relevant to consumers. Because most of our garments are used out in nature, it makes absolute sense to monitor and be transparent about our efforts to reduce our impact, through our sourcing too.”

While already on a good path, Dynamic Brands wouldn’t stop here. With the help of Trimco’s on-product communication solution through QR codes, the group plans to offer its consumers a digital product passport that connects the styles with exact information about its manufacturing journey. Consumers can see where the garment has been produced and what social and environmental certifications follow—all with a simple scan. Even if the terms of the digital product passport are yet to be defined by the EU, Dynamic Brands will be ahead of the curve and an example to many when they are.

Dynamic Brands wants consumers to access the most updated information about the garment by scanning the QR code available on the care label or hangtag. The garment’s manufacturing history, including social and environmental certifications, will be stored digitally and available to consumers before and after purchase. Connected to Trimco Group’s Product DNA®, the information will be available in English and Norwegian.

“We are impressed by the dedication that Dynamic Brands has invested in this project and we are excited to be a part of it. Thanks to well-defined goals and our Product DNA®, the first results came through very quickly. Taking responsibility in the way that Dynamic Brands is set to do, is what we need to see more of in the fashion industry,” said Camilla Mjelde, Sustainability and Compliance Director at Trimco Group.

Dynamic Brands will have the first phase of its supplier onboarding and compliance with international standards completed by the end of 2022, including the implementation of the first QR codes.

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