Chuck Norris accepts role as ambassador for Roundhouse Provisions

From natural disasters to outdoor adventures to life’s daily demands, new emergency preparedness foods, and dietary supplements brand Roundhouse Provisions has launched today, providing an easy and healthy way to be prepared and satisfied in any situation.

Chuck Norris, who is recognized around the world as an action hero, an authority on health and fitness and an avid outdoorsman, will offer his stamp of approval, and act as spokesperson for the emergency preparedness foods and dietary supplements brand.

“Food access instability caused by job loss, the pandemic, and natural disasters is at an all-time high. Roundhouse Provisions provides you peace of mind and helps make sure you’re always prepped and ready no matter what comes next. They use delicious, high-quality ingredients that help you and your family stay strong and ready to tackle any situation, in any location, any time without notice,” said Norris.

The company’s first product at launch is an Emergency Food Supply Kit($249.95). Like all Roundhouse Provisions products, this one is “Chuck Norris approved.” These meals are the ultimate in easy preparation, requiring just water and heat to prepare delicious and nutritious food to maximize performance when you need it the most. Utilizing stackable containers to provide easy, efficient storage, each container holds 76 tasty, individually packaged, nutrient-packed meals, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Meal options include spicy Habanero Chili, Baked Potato Cheese Soup, Creamy Pasta Primavera, Chicken Flavored Teriyaki with Rice, and more. These meals are also an easy alternative to cooking or daily delivery when you experience a limitation in food choices due to location and environment. When you experience extremes beyond your control, you need a product as effective as Chuck Norris’ famous roundhouse kick.

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