Speedland launches fourth commission the GS:PGH

Developed by industry experts Dave Dombrow and Kevin Fallon and tested by elite trail running athletes, Speedland unveils the GS:PGH, a highly cushioned, customizable shoe designed for maximum performance for trail running.

The GS:PGH, like its predecessors, is a limited edition and features cutting-edge technology that was developed in partnership with athlete Cameron Hanes.

Cameron Hanes’ greatest love is traversing the remote wildernesses of the West and Alaska. He shoots his bow every day, trains in the weight room and runs 200+ mile ultra marathons in the mountains to toughen up for the mental and physical tests that can occur in the backcountry.

“Named after Mount Pisgah, outside my home near Eugene, Oregon, the PGH has become a vital part of my equipment,” said Cam Hanes. “Running and training is essential for my success in the backcountry.”

“Following Speedlands design philosophy, our products are constructed of premium materials including the PGH,” said Kevin Fallon, Co-Founder. “As a company, we do not cut corners, there are no compromises and the PGH fits perfectly into our mission.”

Dave Dombrow, Co-Founder of Speedland, said: “The PGH is the ultimate trail equipment for long distances. Precision fit is paired with maximum comfort, responsiveness and customizations, continuing Speedland’s legacy of ultra-customizable equipment that accommodates a variety of runners.”

The GS:PGH is a durable, high stacked, maximally cushioned shoe built for longer distance training days and races. Features such as the PerformFit™ Wrap activated by the BOA® Fit System featuring dual-dial Li2, allowing for zonal control and a connected, secure fit. This fourth commission features a unique beaded HTPU outer midsole with a removable, blended Pebax midsole section. Together, the full 37/30 mm midsole stack provides high energy return without sacrificing compression, increasing the lifespan of the shoe beyond that of standard trail running footwear.

A spacer mesh upper with strategic, high-tenacity fibre reinforcements provides breathability and security, while the Michelin Fibre Lite outsole ensures a sticky grip over any surface. An optional Carbitex GearFlex carbon fibre plate adds propulsion and protection, and is sold separately for the ultimate customization.

The GS: PGH is available for pre-order on to customers within the United States.

Honouring the trails, Speedland gives 10% of all profits back to regional outdoor organizations chosen by the athletes.

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