Jackery launches new official websites in Germany, UK, and Canada

Jackery, the global leader in portable power solutions and renewable solar charging, has launched new official websites in three countries as part of its expanding worldwide presence- Germany (, Canada ( and the UK (, now have dedicated Jackery sites to provide consumers easier access to local information, including the latest products, discounts, blog tips and corporate news, and also all aspects of customers service.

The new site launches come in response to Jackery’s 2021 highly successful expansion into those markets. By the end of 2021, the company enjoyed multiple times of sales growth in Germany and the UK. First founded in 2012, for many years now, Jackery has enjoyed consistently high marks from reviewers and consumers alike who enjoy the company’s innovative and easy-to-operate portable power solutions.

“Local users of Jackery products can get the latest product information, discount information, local information and corporate news through our official websites, to further accelerate our market footprint and maintain a steady pace of globalization.” said Jackery’s manager of the website team. “We look forward to establishing a good connection and communication with users and Jackery fans through these official website platforms, which are also the best medium to show Jackery culture and values to local people.”

These new websites enables the company to offer more SKUs, and localized exclusive products and peripheral devices to provide users with a fuller experience. The launch highlights Jackery’s overarching journey toward globalization and strides to better serve a rapidly increasing customer base of international customers.

In 2018, Jackery started developing solar panels for outdoor life, one of the first to create the bundled concept of solar generation in 2020, which combined the company’s portable power station and a rugged solar panel. From then on in, Jackery has continued to develop its excellent sustainable outdoor life brand and product line, setting the industry standard and benchmark for solar and renewable charging.

Jackery offers a full range of portable power supply options and sizes, from 167Wh power stations to huge 1534W that can power 85% of all appliances. All Jackery power stations are compatible with the company’s tough, foldable and portable solar panels which plug easily into the power stations for recharge.

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