Eddie Bauer Productions launches new content platform “Eddie Bauer Stories”

In support of content that is created to inspire, enable and empower people to have meaningful outdoor experiences, Eddie Bauer, the iconic outdoor brand, is proud to announce the launch of its new content platform, Eddie Bauer Stories.

Eddie Bauer Stories will live on and serve as the hub for all content developed by the Eddie Bauer creator community. The Eddie Bauer Stories site page provides a new way to watch, read and consume archival content, new brand content and user-generated content. 

Just in time for the introduction of the new platform, Eddie Bauer Productions will release episodes from season two of the brand’s “Outdoor Curious” series. This unique series taps into the experts of the Eddie Bauer Guide Team, providing customers with access to advice and education about the outdoors. A range of topics from adaptive skiing to fly fishing are highlighted in the 12-episode season being released throughout the spring.

“Through Eddie Bauer Stories we will offer our community a range of content to engage with and explore,” Eddie Bauer CEO Damien Huang said. “From the incredible work Eddie Bauer Productions has created to the immense contributions from our community of creators, Eddie Bauer Stories is an authentic content hub for outdoor enthusiasts.” 

Following on the 2021 launch of the brand’s video content studio, Eddie Bauer Productions, Eddie Bauer Stories is the platform to expand the brand’s storytelling efforts through the lens of a wide array of creators.

To discover new and existing content, visit Eddie Bauer Stories at

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