Acteev to introduce major brand partners at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show 2023

Acteev, an award-winning, odour-fighting textile technology, will introduce major brand partner collections at the 2023 Outdoor Retailer Snow Show on January 10-12.

This is the second consecutive year that the 2021 Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award winner and 2022 ISPO Top 10 Award recipient will participate in the show. 

Brand partners showcased at this year’s Snow Show will include eco-forward, high-performing tennis and golf athletic wear from InPhorm, puberty-positive, odour-free socks from Gen-Z-favourite OOMLA, and more.

Putting Acteev to the test, select show media will have the opportunity to trial Acteev-powered OOMLA’s OOMSOCKS by wearing a single pair —without washing— throughout the three-day expo. 

“We are excited for show attendees to see our products in action this year! Being able to see and touch our luxuriously soft, long-lasting, innovative fabrics from our partner collections will inspire outdoor brands and designers to push their concepts further,” said Nikki Huffman, the business development director for the Acteev textile group. “As brands work to create sustainable odour-free products, these collections show how our antimicrobial innovations are changing the game.” 

Acteev locks in the antimicrobial protection of zinc ions within superior nylon 6,6 fibres, creating textiles that naturally combat odour-causing bacteria by harnessing the power of natural zinc technology.

Acteev also can help brands meet their sustainability goals with 100% carbon-neutral yarns. Additionally, the feedstocks are available with an International Sustainability and Carbon Certification for the use of bio-based materials, meaning Acteev can be made with up to 30% plant-based nylon.

Unlike chemical applications that are coated or sprayed on, Acteev doesn’t rely on any post-production treatment or after-market process. Instead, Acteev’s active ingredient is embedded directly into the matrix of the molecule, protecting throughout the life of the product. This means Acteev performance textiles require less water in the finishing process while ensuring they remain as effective as day one.

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