BioLite -Base Charge Series

Designed to power your network

  1. Delivers high capacity power at a smart price and 25% more energy than the leading market model, for the same price.
  2. Plug and play port design delivers the right electricity for the job
  3. You can expand your base charge into a full solar generated system with into a full system pairing with BioLite solar line for ultimate self reliance

Invert, convert and connect. From wall socket to USB PD, plug into the outlets and voltages you need. Or go wireless with the include QI charging and get instant feedback on your system with the easy to read dashboard.

Base charge 600 can refill from a wall socket or a BioLite solar panel in as little as 5 hours. Utilise the systems MPPT technology and pull the maximum power available in any sky conditions.

For longer journeys or bigger jobs, upgrade to the 1500 for heavy duty power delivery with no noise or fumes.

Available from: Q1 2022 (exact date tbc) Base 600 : £799

Base 1500 : £1,799

Stockists tbc

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