STASH™ – Jetboil

We know your dreams are big and ambitious. Which is why we designed the all-new Stash™ to be lightweight and compact, maximizing your pack space without sacrificing that iconic Jetboil performance. At 7.1 oz, the .8L Stash is 40% lighter than the .8L Zip.

·  Stand-alone stove with titanium burner and .8L FluxRing cook pot is the lightest Jetboil system ever made

·  FluxRing technology ensures a rapid 2.5 minute boil time

·  Nesting design makes taking anywhere compact and easy

·  Cook pot with lid and attached pour handle makes for easy handling

·  Fuel stabilizer keeps everything stable and steady

·  Storage for 100g JetPower fuel canister makes adventuring anywhere easy

·  Compatible accessories include the Grande Coffee Press, Hanging Kit and JetSet Utensils

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