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Maier Sports hiking and trekking pants specialist continues to offer its bestselling trousers to the British and Irish markets, with 36 men’s and 25 women’s sizes to choose from.

The unique sizing system from Maier Sports ensures the kind of freedom of movement that can make the difference when out in tough conditions and provides the ‘Perfect Fit Promise’ that has become so synonymous with the Maier Sports brand.

Combined with the Mission Clean Function label, Maier Sports’ world leading sustainability program with PFC-free clothing, recycling and fairness at its heart, offers the outdoor enthusiast everything they need to tick their boxes.

Linda Torstensson, from Maier Sports in the UK, said: “Our autumn-winter collection of hiking trousers offers both men and women everything they need for an outdoor adventure in the sorts of conditions we often face in the UK. The fast drying, breathable fabric makes such a big difference when hiking in the hills, and coupled with lots of features including zip pockets and mSTRETCH fabric, the experience is just a much better one compared to wearing jeans or chinos. Being able to move freely when walking is something Maier Sports takes very seriously and this is why the slogan ‘Get Moving Get Inspired’ is so important”.

Autumn winter hiking pants from Maier Sports:

Nil (Men)
With its functional leg rollup feature and the elastic mSTRETCH Pro 4 fabric, the Nil pants are ideally suited for any hiking tour, providing flexibility, durability and comfort every step of the way. The belt and flex zone waistband is important for preventing abrasions and optimising freedom of movement on extended hikes. The waterproof, PFC-free finish protects from outside moisture, while the innovative dryprotec technology ensures that the pants dry quickly in the wet. There’s ample storage space in four pockets with zip fasteners and an interior security pocket. RRP: £89.95 www.maier-sports.com/gb-en/shop/pants/p337499-outdoor-pants-nil

Lulaka (Women)
Like the Nil, the Lulaka also comes with a functional leg rollup feature and the elastic mSTRETCH Pro 4 fabric, helping to provide flexibility, durability and comfort. The belt and flex zone waistband, meanwhile, contribute to a ‘perfect fit’ and the waterproof, PFC-free finish of the Lulaka hiking pants protects from outside moisture, while the innovative dryprotec technology ensures that the pants dry especially quickly after getting wet. In addition, there’s plenty of storage space in four pockets with zip fasteners and an interior security pocket. RRP: £79.95 www.maier-sports.com/gb-en/shop/pants/p114347-outdoor-pants-lulaka

Inara Slim (Women)
The Inara Slim pants are slim fit hiking pants for women, made from elastic mSTRETCH Pro 4 fabric, offering maximum freedom of movement on long tours and shorter excursions. The pants’ classic waistband makes them comfortable to wear. In damp weather, the Inara Slim’s waterproof, PFC-free finish effectively protects walkers from getting wet, while the innovative dryprotec technology makes the fabric dry quickly afterwards. Three pockets with zip fasteners and one inside security pocket offer plenty of storage space too. RRP: £89.95 www.maier-sports.com/gb-en/shop/pants/p114529-outdoor-pants-inara-slim

Inara Vario (Women)
The Inara Vario slim fit hiking pants are incredibly comfortable thanks to the comfy, high-cut waistband with flex zones. They also provide the freedom of movement needed for hiking, thanks to the mSTRETCH Pro 4 material, which also feels great on your skin. To provide ample weather protection, they feature an environmentally friendly, PFC-free finish as well as dryprotec technology which allows them to dry quickly in case they get wet. A total of five pockets provides lots of space. RRP: £89.95 www.maier-sports.com/gb-en/shop/pants/p115133-outdoor-pants-inara-vario

Torid Slim (Men)
The Torid Slim hiking pants bring a modern, body-hugging fit, without rubbing or chafing when moving. The advanced, water-repellent material with PFC-free finish is ideal for all weather conditions: Rain, strong winds and cool temperatures are no match for the dryprotec technology which ensures the fabric dries quickly. The mSTRETCH Pro 4 stretch material makes the Torid Slim follow every move which is important on demanding trails which require maximum freedom of movement. A waistband with loops and an integrated belt makes the fit even more comfortable, while zip fasteners on the leg hem and four pockets make for highly convenient additions. RRP: £89.95 www.maier-sports.com/gb-en/shop/pants/p106925-outdoor-pants-torid-slim



About Maier Sports

Maier Sports is an outdoor and ski pants specialist, dedicated to providing clothing to fit all sizes. The leading provider of high-quality outdoor and ski clothing has been headquartered at the foot of the Swabian Alps for more than 75 years. Maier Sports is committed to innovative strength, sustainability and premium quality. They also provide a five-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship on all products. Thanks to the in-house sewing room, the brand with its Swabian inventive spirit offers an extensive repair service. Maier Sports is a leader in the outdoor clothing market, with 61 different sizes that ensures the ‘perfect fit’.  

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