KOMPERDELL Made in the heart of Austria

Reliable – 3 years free repair service – direct customer service & unbeatable quality

Komperdell is coming up to its 100th Birthday – founded in 1922 and prides itself on being a family run business based in the very heart of the Austrian mountains.

With over 180 fully motivated employees the company is thriving, as it is bold enough to pursue unconventional methods and is not afraid to be totally innovative with new designs, whilst still maintaining total commitment to quality and excellence, backed by its 3-year free repair service.

Some of the world’s best athletes trust and use the products which is testament to the quality and craftmanship behind each product from design and development through to production.

A clean environment is also essential to the company both personally and as a business. Manufacturing in Austria means being subject to some of the strictest environmental and social regulations in the world – for Komperdell sustainability is not a trend but a matter of course from the very beginning.

Komperdell is proud to have pushed the boundaries in innovation and design producing many ‘Firsts’ such as the first Self-Deploying pole, the first lightest poles on the market with the recently launched ‘Cloud Series’ (which are 40% lighter than any other poles on the market) and the new Trail Running collection fully in keeping with current trends. These are just a few of the many innovations and firsts the company has launched over the years and there will be many more to come.

Komperdell has emerged out of the pandemic with increased demand and has had to increase its production to a two-shift operation to keep up with the big orders for outdoor goods. This is because they can produce and very importantly deliver on time and can also offer – Direct Customer Service which makes a massive difference in the current climate.

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