Artilect launches first shop in shop

Artilect, the apparel systems brand launched globally this winter, has opened its first shop in shop.  Based at The Epicentre in the heart of the Lake District, the inaugural collection includes base- and mid-layers powered by NuYarn merino which results in  5 x  faster drying, 35% more stretch, 35% more loft, 53% less air permeable, 50% more durable and 40% less raw materials needed.

Elliot Higgins, Head of Retail for The Epicentre, said: ‘We are thrilled to launch Artilect in store this season. It’s extremely refreshing to see a brand with innovation and sustainability together at the very top of its agenda. After putting Artilect base layers through their paces over the last few seasons we are delighted to present the range to our customers and are looking forward to a great future together with the brand. We have worked together with Artilect to create a progressive space for our customers to immerse themselves in all things Artilect. “

Adam Jowett, ARTILECT Sales Manager, added: “As a new brand, we have come a long way in a short space of time and having The Epicentre as not only a launch retail partner, but also now our first ever shop-in-shop partner, is something we feel both privileged and  proud about! The new space perfectly reflects the look, feel and character of Artilect, and with new Outerwear innovations on the way for F22, it is the perfect place to showcase them.”

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