The North Face: Earth Week

Exploration without compromise

Sustainability isn’t a side project, it’s central to everything The North Face do.

From designing circular products for the next adventure to protecting wild places for the next generation, The North Face are committed to exploration without compromise throughout this Earth Week and beyond.


Let’s talk rubbish for a moment. If you took all the plastic bottles and non-alcoholic cans littered throughout Europe each year and stacked them end to end, they’d form a peak roughly 10,000 times higher than Mont Blanc* – the highest peak in Europe.

Last year, The North Face cleaned more than 6500km of trails Europe-wide, and in 2024 they’re back for more. Recruiting from all corners of The North Face community, athletes, ambassadors, and consumers alike, this year’s round of clean-up hikes is back and bigger than ever.

Join a Clean Up Hike in the UK:

Manchester with Elsey Davies and Amira Patel supported by Feel Good Club20-AprLink
Snowdon with Ben Ankobiah supported by Trash Free Trails20 AprLink
London supported by Are You Mad20-AprLink
Bristol with Elise Downing supported by Trash Free Trails21 AprLink

See all hikes across Europe here. Join the new era of exploration by joining The North Face’s clean-up hikes this Earth Week. #SignUpToCleanUp.


With the reopening of the flagship Regent Street Store in London, The North Face are stepping into a new era of Exploration Without Compromise. The store is home to the Sustainability Corner, where you’ll find the new repair station, the product take back bins for when product has reached the end of its life and a space for workshops on all things sustainability throughout the year.


Leave your trusted gear in store and The North Face will repair or customise it, ready for your next adventure.

Together with trusted partner ACS, The North Face introduce the Repair Program in the Regent St. store. Customers will now be able to drop off their gear from The North Face at the store to be repaired or customised. The service is available for any product from The North Face outside of warranty and is subsidised to increase accessibility and ensure longer lives for all products.

As good as RENEWED.

Give gear a second chance with The North Face Renewed.

The North Face believe in giving gear a second chance. The products are always designed for durability, constructed to ensure the longest life possible but after a life of adventure, sometimes products need a little love to be ready for their next life. The North Face Renewed takes items and remove any dirt, fix any damage, and repair any imperfections.

So that when you choose to give the refurbished gear a go, you can be sure it’s as good as renewed.

Product is available to buy online year-round, and will be in the Regent Street store for one week from the 29th April to celebrate the launch.

You can sign up for a clean-up hike at To keep up to date on future launches follow @thenorthfaceuk on Instagram and @thenorthface on Facebook.

*Based on the Policy Exchange’s 2023 Litterbug 2.0 Report in the UK, it has been gathered that roughly 243 million plastic bottles and non-alcoholic cans per year are littered across Europe. With an average height of 20cm, these items would reach a height of 48.6 million metres when stacked end to end – 10,103 times higher than Mt. Blanc. Combatting this issue is no big feat, but The North Face community are up to the challenge and welcoming anyone with the same ambition.

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