The AlpenGlow Mini joins the BioLite family

BioLite’s range in 2024 has gotten bigger, and smaller at the same time. The AlpenGlow Mini is the new addition to the AlpenGlow family – BioLite’s stylish and functional range of rechargeable lanterns.

When someone chooses BioLite, they are supporting an ongoing effort to deliver renewable energy solutions to households living beyond the grid. All BioLite’s lighting, charging and cook products are designed with the aim of providing efficient solutions to homes in remote locations, as well as offering innovative and reliable options for everyone else – whether it be for the home, garden, a late-night jog, a camping trip or in the wild.

The AlpenGlow range provides a cool array of functional and creative lighting options. Let’s meet the family.

Bright, easy to use, and flexible to setup, the all-new AlpenGlow Mini is a perfect compact lantern for the campsite and beyond. ChromaReal LEDs deliver warm, accurate lighting while multicolour modes bring the fun. Affix to poles, branches, and more with the integrated bungee strap. The AlpenGlow mini provides 6 hours of light on full brightness.

The AlpenGlow 500 rechargeable lantern delivers a dusk or daylight feel inspired by nature. Accurately render the colours in your environment with the glow of warm natural light. Also available is the AlpenGlow 250 – providing ambient and task-based lighting, all within a more portable package.

Highly responsive to your mood and setting, the 500 and 250 expand the power of ambient lighting through smart tech and thoughtful design. Shake the lantern and the internal accelerometer unlocks additional features like candle flicker or a mesmerizing rotation of colour. What’s more, the USB output can be used to charge your devices. Enjoy 4.5 hours of light on full power.

  • Multiple lighting modes, including warm, single colour, multicolour and party
  • ChromaReal LED Technology for vibrant colour tones, inspired by nature
  • Power-out to charge small devices (250 & 500 models)
  • Fully Rechargeable via USB cable
  • 4.5 hours burn time (250 & 500), 6 hours (Mini)

AlpenGlow Mini Lantern RRP £39.99 (NEW)

AlpenGlow Lantern 500 RRP £89.99

AlpenGlow Lantern 250 RRP £69.99

Why Choose BioLite?

BioLite is on a mission to bring Energy Everywhere™ with revolutionary products that transform the way we Cook, Charge and Light our lives off the grid. In 2020, BioLite crossed the million lives milestone, bringing safe and reliable energy to over 1.4 million individuals in 23 countries across Africa and Asia.

For the full range, view the BioLite Directory

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