SwimTech Parka Robe is a great way to stay warm

The SwimTech Parka Robe is a great way to keep warm and dry outdoors, as I recently found out for myself. No-one enjoys being cold after a cold-water swim or big hike and, thanks to the Parka Robe, you do not have to anymore.

There has been a surge in the popularity of the changing robe recently and it’s not difficult to see why – a good changing robe solves the problem of getting changed in a public space, while keeping you snug and dry at the same time. Cue the SwimTech Parka Robe, which matches more expensive robes on every level – in my opinion.

It’s a very simple design – a large, hooded coat that comes down past your knees and has enough room inside that you can easily get in or out of a pair of swimming trunks or wetsuit. There’s a large ‘poacher’s pocket’ inside the coat to hold dry clothes, enabling you to wriggle and squirm your way out of your swimming costume with dignity intact. This works as well as you might imagine, it’s an effort, but a good solution. As well as the poacher’s pocket there’s a small, zipped valuables pocket inside. This just about holds a phone and large clutch of keys.

Made from 100 per cent recycled 300D polyester, it’s designed to dry you quickly while keeping you nice & warm. Not only that, but its windproof outer shell is treated with a water-repellent coating to keep the rain at bay. As for other standout features, the Parka Robe has a two-way reversible zip, so you can control your temperature easily by unzipping it from either direction. And you can access the zip both inside and outside the robe, making it super convenient to get in and out of.

I was really impressed with how the fleecy 210gsm Sherpa lining somehow remains dry and doesn’t transfer moisture to your dry clothes, allowing warmth to build up quickly and your body temperature to return to its normal state.

Overall, I’m super impressed with the Parka Robe. It’s a great alternative to the more expensive robes that have become so common these days, it delivers on performance and it’s extremely comfortable. It’s a versatile and well-made changing robe, also at a superb price point, and it will be a staple of my kit from now on. It’s also come in really handy for walking the dog in the rain!


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