Montane updates repair service ahead of Earth Day

Montane, has announced plans to refresh its repairs service ahead of Earth Day, to encourage customers to restore their well-worn Montane items, reduce product waste, and help to keep their clothing and equipment in use for longer.

As part of the wider ‘Further. Forever.’ ethos, the ‘Montane Repairs Service’ aims to extend the lifetime of the garments by offering customers the opportunity to patch, repair, or replace elements of their items and in turn, reduce the environmental impact of the products. Each item is individually assessed and inspected by a member of the specialist repairs team, who works to restore the items.

Montane’s CSR, Anna Pitman explained: “The most sustainable way to dress is in the clothes you already own. Our repair service is designed to help the clothing and equipment last as long as possible. This way, you don’t just save money by postponing a new purchase, you also reduce the environmental footprint of the product. By extending the life of our products, we effectively reduce the emissions associated with production, by spreading them over more years.”

“Earth Day marks a call to action, putting climate change front of mind. However, we believe this action should be taken every day and one of the ways we are doing this as a brand is by offering a repair service for customers.”

Since 2018, Montane has given customers the chance to repair tears, replace panels, and update key elements such as zips, cords, and Velcro from its British-based head office. For 2023, it has updated the online repair platform, making it easier for customers to request the service through an online form and helping customers to keep their clothing and equipment in action for longer.

Montane’s Marketing Director, Matthew Hickman, commented: “Montane clothing and equipment is designed with durability and longevity at its core. Our technical clothing is subject to miles and miles of testing, but we realise that due to the nature of outdoor activities, it is inevitable that this can lead to some wear and tear.

“This is where our in-house expert repair team come in. They understand the importance of these cherished pieces and work hard to restore them back to their full potential.”

As part of its continued commitment to its wider environmental journey, Montane is directed by its ‘Further. Forever.’ core brand ethos. ‘Further. Forever.’ provides guiding principles for the brand’s journey to reducing its own environmental impact through four main pillars; Built to Last, Commitment, Ethical Trading, and More Sustainable Choice. The latter, More Sustainable Choice, was launched in 2022 with the aim of providing consumers with increased, transparent details on Montane products to help them in making more informed buying decisions.

The Montane Repair Service is now available at

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