KEEN roll out UK community walk series with Mental Health Mates

KEEN has partnered with Mental Health Mates for a series of community walks in the UK commencing Spring 2023.

Founded by journalist and mental health campaigner Bryony Gordon in 2016, Mental Health Mates is a thriving network of over 150 peer support groups who meet regularly all across the UK to provide a safe space to walk, connect and share without fear or judgement. Led by regional volunteers, these walks provide an important opportunity to connect with others and take preventative measures to improve mental wellbeing.

It is well known that walking can boost emotional wellbeing and ease chronic mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. In addition to overall health benefits, walking increases blood circulation to the brain which lifts the mood and can calm nerves by decreasing the stress response. Walking with others is widely recognised to further build on these benefits by providing positive social interactions that can stave off loneliness, boost self-esteem and improve negative mood.  “We know, from personal experience, that mental illness magnifies through isolation. So whether it is talking to someone, sharing with them or simply walking beside them, we believe that getting connected is the first steps to recovery. Bryony Gordon, Founder, MHM.

Part of the KEEN.Effect programme which sets out the brands’  global commitment to support initiatives and NPOs across the world who promote the positive impact of outdoor participation and champion inclusivity, the brand is delighted to support MHM in their important work. The KEEN WK400 X MHM series endeavours to encourage movement, make connections and build confidence in those who may have experienced stigma and barriers to getting outside due to mental health challenges in their lives.

Coinciding with the launch of KEEN’s new all-terrain walking shoe, the WK400, the KEEN WK400 x MHM Walk series kicked off with the inaugural event hosted with MHM founder Bryony Gordon in in London on 21st March. Eleven walks follow across the UK:

Location                                               Date     

Bedford                                                           8th April

Beverley                                                          23rd April

Bristol                                                              23rd April

Coventry                                                         30th April

Dundee                                                           15th April

Highams Park, London E4                            23rd April

Hornsea, Yorks                                              27th April             

Leeds                                                               8th April              

Newtownwards (Ireland)                             13th April

Pudsey, West Yorks                                      8th April               

Thurrock, Essex                                             17th April

All walks are free to join and open to anyone aged 18 plus. Participants are requested to register in advance by emailing [email protected]

For more information on Mental Health Mates visit

The KEEN WK400 x MHM Walk Series is being hosted with support of leading online retailer. For more information or to purchase the WK400 in the UK

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