Gerber Bushcraft Axe is a reliable camping tool

Gerber is a well-known company that’s been making quality knives, multitools and other outdoors equipment for decades. From their new Bushcraft line, I had a chance to test out their Bushcraft Axe on a recent camping trip.

The Bushcraft Axe is designed as a general use axe for cutting limbs and splitting firewood and looked really promising. While it’s not a dedicated splitting axe or tree cutting axe, it seems to do a decent job of both — which is what you want in a general-use axe.

The two-tone look is cool too. This is the Coyote Brown version, but there is also a Grey version available. Pressing the triangle buckle at the end of the grip reveals a cleverly hidden compartment. Five feet of paracord is wound tightly around one end of the compartment and the rest of the compartment is for the storage of useful tools or equipment. It can store paracord, a mini lighter or whatever else might help you get a fire going. A small rubber washer helps to keep water out of the compartment.

In terms of its ability to chop wood, I was curious to see if the light weight takes away from the Bushcraft Axe’s chopping abilities. So, I grabbed some random logs and got hacking. It was great. As expected, some of the tougher pieces of wood took a bit more effort. They still gave in eventually and the axe never caved. It sailed through the lighter stuff too. The texture on the rubberized grip is also subtle but really nice. The blade has sections cut out of it to help plummet deeper into the wood. This shape definitely saves weight as well. And considering the weight savings from modern materials, the axe still feels really sturdy and rigid. 

The back of the blade is made intentionally flat so it can be used as a hammer, which is a really cool feature and could certainly be handy for various camping tasks when out and about. Gerber is known for its multitools, so the hammer head on the back of the axe head is on brand.

It also comes with a sheath for the head, made from a synthetic fabric. High-end axes often come with a leather sheath, but this one seems durable enough and is easier to care for than leather.

The Gerber Bushcraft Axe delivered everything it promised – low weight, an effective blade and some bonus storage. I’ll definitely look to Gerber the next time I need to replace a heavy camp tool. It is also reasonably priced and offers good value for anyone looking for a reliable camping tool that functions well as both a hatchet and hammer.


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