Isbjörn of Sweden builds on green promise for Fall Winter 2022 season

Premium outdoor kidswear brand Isbjörn of Sweden continues its uncompromised commitment to sustainability for Fall/Winter 2022, with an updated range which is now 97 per cent bluesign certified.

Isbjörn was the first outdoor kids and teen brand to come a bluesign system partner and every season builds on the company’s original green promise to use only the most sustainable fabrics and manufacturing processes. Isbjörn’s design team looks at fine-tuning existing products to make them even more sustainable and durable and Isbjörn’s latest range is 100 per cent fluorocarbon-free and uses 100 per cent recycled PrimaLoft insulation.

With a strong sustainable heritage spanning more than 15 years, choosing the highest performing yet environmentally conscious materials has always been a priority for the Swedish outdoor kid’s clothing specialist. Its hardshell and padded products are all treated with a Bionic Finish Eco durable water repellent, which does not release any harmful fluorocarbons into the atmosphere. The company also uses 100 per cent recycled PrimaLoft Insulation which is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, but with no compromise on thermal performance.

The longevity of Isbjörn products is not only demonstrated by the durable materials used, but also in the overall design. Hardshell and padded products all have grow cuffs on the arms and legs, which add a further 3cm in length to grow with the child, before being passed down to younger family and friends to be reused many times.

Selma Jakobsson, Production and Sustainability Manager, Isbjörn of Sweden, said: “I will say it once again – the outstanding durability of our products is our silver bullet to achieve reusable technical performance over and over again. Doubling and even trebling the lifespan of a garment reduces its environmental impact by more than half.”

Right from the start the team at Isbjörn has always been determined to make its products the most durable yet sustainable they can be and Selma knows this will finally make a difference to consumers. “It used to frustrate me seeing so many brands jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon without any sustainable foundation, but now I believe greenwashing companies will be left behind as consumers wise up and do their research. Shoppers are now actively looking for certifications such as bluesign and materials which are environmentally safe and recycled. Our strong environmental profile will set us apart from others as we continue to innovate and grow.”

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