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Nebo Rambler 100 (Stage One Review)

The Rambler 100 turned up for review this morning and all though we are going to do a full test and use the Rambler 100 in the wild so to speak we though that a little first impressions review would be interesting and a good starting point for us to tell people what we think.

From first handing the Rambler out of the box it is well made and easy to use (We did not even have to look at the instructions, in print or online) It is simple and user friendly with a impact resistant body that will look good when out and about working or in the woods.

It can be taken on board a plane which makes it great for land flies etc. I which i can find a reason to go on a long flight to use it but the boss is not playing ball.

The thing that i really like about it is the great select of plugs and cables that come with that is great for on the move use and cuts downs on having a silly amount of cables with you.

Well that is as far as we have got with the test but come back here in two weeks and this will be updated with what we did and what we think.

Below are all the states and sizes etc for the techy people among

• Digital power display
• USB-C (Power Delivery) Bi-directional charging port
• 2 x USB-A charging port
• Wireless charging dock
• 3 Mode Light

• ON/OFF button

• USB-C to USB-C cable
• USB-C to DC cable
• Laptop charger adaptors
• 12v Car charger
• UK/EU Charging adaptor

• Powered by 26,000mAh Li-ion

• 3-4 Hours

• Weight: 1,102g
• (L) 224mm x (W) 130mm x (H) 41mm

Manuel (Click Here)

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