ICECO announces the launch of JPPro – a mobile fridge that doesn’t need ice

ICECO JPPro Series got an upgrade from its classic JP series, bringing in a significant improvement by providing a completely new look with a modern exterior design. Available now on Indiegogo.

  • Portable Fridge & Freezer, -4℉~68℉ cooling range, the best solution to freeze ice cream and keep essential daily food fresh.
  • Reversible Lid Design, access the fridge by opening the lid from each side or completely take off the whole lid; no need to worry about how the fridge should be placed inside the vehicle.
  • Optional On & Off UV Sterilizer; Max & Eco Mode; 3 Battery Protection Level; Anti-EMC System.
  • 5 Year Warranty on SECOP/Danfoss Compressor, 1 Year for Other Parts. US Local After-Sales Service.

ICECO uses the top-tier SECOP/Danfoss compressor to ensure JPPro Series cooling performance. Compared with the traditional cooler, the JPPro series can keep everything frozen without any ice. It can be used as a 12v freezer or a 12v fridge; this provides what most people need on the road, to refrigerate and freeze food.

Portable refrigerators tend to be heavy and difficult to carry after storing food. Unlike the other types of portable refrigerators, the JPPro series are equipped with wheels and handles; this feature allows everyone to move the JPPro easily, making the outdoor life more comfortable.

The JPPro features a UV disinfection lamp to provide protection against viruses and bacteria. The best thing about this feature is that the UV light will automatically turn off when it senses the lid is about to open and can be turned off.

ICECO JPPro series represents a new generation of portable refrigerators. Its portability, convenience, safety, and reliable cooling performance make it the perfect companion for travel and road-trips.

ICECO JPPro Series is launched via Indiegogo with special deals and discounts for early adopters. To learn more about JPPro Series, visit their campaign page here.

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