Gear Test : SIDAS Run Insoles

Sidas, are well known for their extensive range of insoles. Sidas have insoles, sock and accessory products for markets such as Snowsports, Running, Cycling, Outdoor and Lifestyle.

Recently the team at Sidas UK sent me some Run insoles to try out. You can check out my thoughts on the models below.

The 3 different insoles

RUN SENSE – Medium & High arch.

RUN PROTECT – High arch

The team at Sidas UK have a pressure plate and according to this I am pretty much a Medium arch height. My right foot is more low/med and my left foot more med/high. I’ve used insoles a lot, so went for more support with the Med/High options on test.

You can view all of the Sidas run range and different arch types here Running and Trail Running Insoles | – SIDAS

Why use insoles?

While I could go on for a while about the benefits, it’s ultimately very personal. Insoles are designed to give your foot a shaped platform to replace the usually dead flat ‘sock liner’ that comes in most shoes. Think of having a flat seat in your car versus a shaped seat… more comfort, less movement and more performance. Feet have shape and, after inserting, insoles make footwear more foot shaped to enhance the fit.

The RUN SENSE Medium & High

Firstly, I like the packaging as it’s very clear what benefits the insoles have and which type they are. Insoles are substantially better than what comes as standard in most shoes and these are a pretty low cost option, that have rigid structure under the arch to provide support.

I used these in a pair of Road shoes and also my day to day trainers. When running, I found that both the Med and the high offered a lot more support than the standard insole. It made my shoes fit better and it felt like they fit my feet better.

The Medium certainly suited me a little better, which makes sense for my foot shape. On my right foot, the High support gave me a little discomfort towards the end of my run, which I expected. The Medium suited my foot shape perfectly and felt great throughout my run.

My Run route is just over 6km and a mixture of Road/Gravel path. The benefit is no doubt more obvious on the hard flat road surface as you can feel the insoles helping to reduce the shock and impact on the harder surface.

Sidas sense Mid
SIDAS 3 Feet Sense Run Medium – My preferred option.


The Run Protect range is designed to give shape under the foot for support while providing high levels of cushioning via a large gel pad in the heel and softer foam in the forefoot.

If you have lost some of the natural cushioning in your feet or prefer a softer ride in your running shoes, then these are for you.

Unlike the sense, I didn’t feel the High support as much on my right foot and they were comfortable from the first stride to the last. I use insoles regularly and like a slightly firmer support, plus I am more of a mid-foot striker than a heavy lander on my heels. However, I found these to be extremely comfortable in my day-to-day shoes and that is where they will live for a while.

Sidas Run Protect High
Sidas Run Protect High

The Verdict…

If you need/want that extra cushioning, then the Protect range is certainly for you. If you prefer a bit more shape and support, then try the Sense.

If you haven’t tried an insole before, then you are missing out on having better fitting shoes in my humble opinion. It’s more about finding the right insole for you, rather than not having them in your running shoes at all. Top athletes use insoles in their shoes almost all the time and many who haven’t find they prefer it once they do.

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