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Friction – That’s the name of the game with us here at Tokyo Powder Industries. Our line-up aims to keep you going in every perceivable condition, maximizing friction and minimizing the use of chalk. Our view is chalk shouldn’t just be a drying agent for your hands, but a crucial component to keep you glued to the rock.

It all starts with the best raw ingredients – the Magnesium Carbonate. The misconception is that all Magnesium Carbonate are produced from mining and magnesite. Here at Tokyo Powder, we work closely with the Japanese salt industry who refine the Magnesium Carbonate as a by-product of the other salts from seawater. This also greatly reduces the environmental impact that is commonly caused by mining. It also helps to keep our chalk Calcium Carbonate free – which is a bad component for friction usually found in chalk that is derived from magnesite mining.

We don’t claim to have a uniform particle size of chalk, which we feel makes the chalk feel slippery. Instead, we start with particles of chalk between 3 to 5 micrometers – ideal for coating your hands for optimal friction. To stress again, we don’t grind down blocks of chalk to reach this stage, as it is refined from essentially liquids.

We hope that you will enjoy the friction as much as we enjoy making it.

Environmental Impact

As climbers, we understand that chalk usage can sometimes be crucial to making our dream projects come true. However, the use of chalk indeed does cause a slight environmental impact, presenting us with an interesting conundrum.

The Magnesium Carbonate in our products are non- toxic and derived from the salt industry that refines it as a by-product from seawater. The fine particle size of this helps it to be more readily re-absorbed by nature. This forms the building block upon which we hand mix various other natural, food-safe compounds to give you maximal friction. In this way, our products start with less environmental impact than magnesite mining.

We are constantly searching for better ways to improve our products for more friction, reducing each usage and reduce the toll on nature. Alongside this, we greatly encourage climbers to brush off chalk residue on the rocks, minimizing the caking up that makes the re-absorption of chalk more difficult and staining the rock.


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