AKU extends its fast hiking and mountaineering offering

At this summer’s OTS ethical and authentic Italian brand AKU launched a new fast hiking shoe, the Flyrock GTX and a mountaineering boot, the Viaz DFS GTX which features two of the brands new and exclusive technologies – Dual Fit System and Dynamic Fit.

Both new models were showcased at OTS, joined by AKU’s iconic Slope and Ultralight boots that were launched 40 years ago and still strong entry-level contenders; the popular Trekker Lite III Wide and AKU’s 100% vegan Superalp V-Light boot, launched at January’s Slide/OTS and a show award entry.

AKU Flyrock mens

Flyrock GTX (Flyrock) – performance, agility, comfort – £200 (non-Gore £180)

AKU launched the Rock DFS and Rocket DFS models with the new Dual Fit System (DFS) lacing technology at OTS/Slide back in January 2022 as part of its Fast-Hiking offering. For summer 2023 the Flyrock GTX (& Flyrock, a non-GTX version) will join the brand’s growing category. Suitable for off-road adventures, where traction, protection and cushioning are key, the Flyrock GTX/non-GTX features AKU’s latest Dynamic Fit technology that dynamically adapts the shoe’s heel tension with every step to increase comfort, enhance performance and provide stability. How? A free-flowing webbing system locks the heel precisely for each gait stage. Landing on your heel releases pressure on the lacing system and relaxes the shoe’s heel webbing to ensure comfort. Then, during the propulsion stage, when stepping forward, pressure is applied to the set of laces that are connected to the free-flowing webbing, located behind the heel, for increased stability.

The Vibram Traction Lug sole with Megagrip and High Cushion and High Rebound EVA midsole offers outstanding grip and much needed cushioning for dynamic activities. The Flyrock features the brand’s highly acclaimed Elica Natural Stride System which promotes biodynamic efficiency and optimises comfort, whilst reducing risk of injury thanks to the asymmetric midsole construction that follows the anatomical shape of the sole of the foot. The women’s version has a fit specifically suited to the female plantar anatomy. Available in a variety of eye-catching colourways.

Aku Viaz

Viaz DFS GTX – performance, precision, comfort – £340

Designed for fast mountaineering, alpine scrambling, via ferrata and high routes on demanding terrains, the new Viaz DFS GTX is a semi crampon-compatible mountaineering boot for men and women that also features AKU’s Dynamic Fit technology. The Vibram Croda Litebase sole provides exceptional grip, precision and stability. For optimum comfort, especially on long hikes, there’s the Elica Natural Stride System which has been adjusted for the women’s boot to accommodate the female plantar anatomy. And finally, AKU’s exclusive Dual Fit System (DFS) ensures maximum comfort for when walking and optimum precision with a fast-lacing option for when climbing.  Available in black and orange for men and black and turquoise for women.

AKU, is well known in the outdoor industry for its first-to-market, low environmental impact practices. The brand’s certified Carbon Footprint Systematic Approach calculates the equivalent emissions of all AKU’s products and highlights its commitment to ‘React Responsibly’. More recently, AKU has adopted a Code of Conduct, a binding document that describes the values and principles that the brand follows. All of AKU’s suppliers and business partners are required to read, follow and respect this code which is based on current international conventions and standards.

All AKU’s new SS23 styles and new colourways can be viewed here. 

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