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Vango Harris 350 Tent Review

If you’re in the market for a three-person tent for your next camping trip, give the Vango Harris 350 3 man tent a go.

I recently took this tent out for a thorough test to see how it measures up, and whether that decent price point meant scrimping on quality.

You’ll see some seriously huge and hefty family tents on sale, but there’s no need to go massive for just a few nights outdoors. Me, my partner and her son recently used this on a weekend away in the countryside, and found it to be more than adequate for our needs.

Ideal for couples or families seeking an easy-to-pitch and reliable tent, the Harris 350 offers a cosy and functional shelter for your outdoor escapades. Whether you’re embarking on a weekend camping trip, hiking expedition, or festival adventure, this tent is built to withstand the elements and provide a comfortable home away from home.

There’s nothing worse when you’re camping than a leaky tent, which is why Vango fully wind and rain test all their tents. The Harris 350 has been fully weather-tested to standard EN ISO 5912 for peace of mind so is perfectly suited for use in wet weather. There is a fully sewn in Waterproof PE Groundsheet, which is robust and hardwearing. There is also a covered entrance to provide a sheltered entrance to your tent, which prevents rain from dripping into the living area. We found this extra space to be really handy for storing a few bits of camping  equipment.

One of the best things about the tent is that it is designed to be easily set up and taken down. With colour-coded Vango PowerFlex Fibreglass poles you’ll be ready to enjoy campsite life with friends and family in around 15 minutes…A drink in hand and sat in your favourite camping chair. Or at least that’s the first thing we did!

The lantern hanging points are readily available and obvious to find so on those later nights you can light up the tent and see clearly where you need to go. It also features some expertly placed bedroom pockets for storing all your important essentials. I’m always losing stuff in my various tents, but managed to stay relatively organised on this trip!

Vango Harris 350 Tent Review

I mustn’t forget to mention the high visibility guylines, making life a little easier when you may had had one too many drinks of an evening…no trip hazard for you!

At 23kg, this tent is best suited for shorter camping forays such as long weekends, festivals or quick trips abroad. We found there was plenty of room for 2 adults and a kid, although I’d say for 3 adults you might want to go slightly bigger. Overall, we couldn’t fault this tent, and can’t wait to use it for our next outing!


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