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MSR Elixir 2 tent Gear Test

I was fortunate enough to be given an MSR Elixir 2 for my DOE Gold expedition to try.

On first looks at the tent it was really light, but was warned to put it up in the garden before using it on camp for the walk. We put it up on a nice sunny day as so not to get it damp and it took less than 5 minutes, might have taken a little less if I had read the instructions, but where is the fun in that!

A trial tent put-up was is great idea due to the way the poles fit in to the hooks at the end of the ground sheet and also the design layout. Once the tent was built it seemed really spacious for myself and walking buddy, both of us being over 6’2” and needing to store huge backpacks with 4 day’s worth of kit and food in it – the batteries alone for evening entertainment and chatting on social media weighed in at nearly half a kilo, let alone opting for going for wet food rather than the bland dry food we have tried previously.

Over the 4 nights the tent worked perfectly in every aspect and the only night we had rain and wind we both felt safe and comfortable in the knowledge that the tent was so well built it would not be going anywhere. In the morning, the sun came out before we surfaced and all biscuits had stayed dry during the night ready for the following days hike.

In conclusion, a tent that is well worth the money for that little bit more adventurous of hikers having to carry everything with them, saving over 1Kg on my previous tent meant that I could carry a little more food, and batteries for social media!


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