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Ledlenser ML4 Mini Lantern Review

Ledlenser’s Description of the ML4.

Featherlight and compact go-anywhere lantern. Discover Ledlenser ML4 – an ultimate camping lighting device. Ultra-compact, strong, versatile.


We would agree with the description of the ML4 as ultra compact, strong and versatile.  It was tested on a two-night trip to the forest. We used the ML4 as a camp light during the evening, which it was great for with over 50 lumens for eight hours. It lit the camp up enough for people to move around and get on with tasks without being too intrusive to your night version or tell everyone where your camp was.


It came into its own in our tent as you can hang it from the roof (in our case we are up market and have a lamp pocket) which made it prefect for lighting as you get ready for a night’s sleep. It’s also brilliant for those night trips outside or early morning pack ups. Use the Low Power 5 lumens option or switch to the RED light option which are ideal for this propose.

The Micro Prism Technology meant that there was little to no glare. The red-light option is great. No one wants to be blinded at night by a light that is too bright and it also maintains your night version.

The in-built clip made it easy to use as a hanging lantern or even to clip to the inside of your backpack so you can see inside it at night, when pitching camp or just looking for kit without having to you use or find a head torch.

The Transport Lock is great for making sure that you have the power you need at the end of the day to light up camp. We have all got to camp with a flat battery in our lamp before.

We loved the fact that you can use a rechargeable battery. Also, if it does goes flat and you have nothing to charge it with, you can just pop in an AA alkaline battery and off you go, a great idea.

I am a great lover of the charging cable being magnetic. We have all pulled a charging cable, or got it caught on something, and seen our piece of kit go flying across the room, tent or floor.  Well, ok, I know I have.

You can program the lantern with different light functions. Being honest we didn’t do this because we found it to be prefect as it was, but it is great option to allow you to tailor it to your needs.

There is a low power indicator which makes it very easy to see what your power state is (we have placed the Ledlenser Instruction Video link in this article for your reference).  

In conclusion, I can’t actually find anything bad to say about this lantern. Of course, gear like this is totally subjective. All I can say is, if you need a lantern then make sure you check out the ML4.

Light Power.

  • Low Power 5 lumens for 45 hrs
  • Mid Power 50 lumens for 8 hrs
  • Standard Power 150 lumens for 2.5 hrs
  • Boost Mode 300 lumens, a short burst of maximum power for when you need it most
  • Blink Mode, automatic emission of light impulses at regular intervals


  • LED Configuration 9 x Power LEDs
  • Luminosity1 MAX 300 lm – MIN 5 lm
  • Battery Duration1 MAX 45 h – MIN 2.5 h
  • Colour Temperature 3700 K to 4200 K


  • Head Switch on the top of the lantern


Did you know that conventional, disposable batteries can require up to 500 times more electricity to produce than they can release? By opting for rechargeable batteries, not only are you saving money in the long-run by reusing the same batteries, but you’re no longer throwing disposables away, which is a plus for Mother Earth.

Special Functions

  • Dual power technology offers extended usage time thanks to AA batteries to back up the included rechargeable battery
  • Fluorescent Elements to make it easier to find the light in the dark
  • Optional red light for enhanced maintenance of night vision
  • Carabiner snap hook for flexible usage and fastening
  • IP66 – Dust proof and protected against powerful water jets

Height and Weight

  • Length (defocused) 97 mm
  • Head Diameter 34.5 mm
  • Depth 29 mm
  • Weight 71 g

If you would like to stock the ML4 contact [email protected]

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