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Seven new adventures for the E.O.F.T anniversary tour

WE ARE BACK! Finally, the time has come. Europe’s most renowned outdoor film festival is starting its 20th tour after a one-year break due to the pandemic. In seven films, this year’s E.O.F.T. program takes you to hidden worlds, offers a glimpse into the cinematic future of outdoor sports, and introduces you to athletes who have dedicated their lives entirely to the spirit of discovery. Whether deep in the jungle, at icy heights, or en route around the world, our heroines and heroes represent how much inspiration is out there in the world and inside each of us!

Adventure returns to the big screen on 12 October, 2021 at the premiere in Munich and then tours through more than 20 countries worldwide. With its supporting program – including moderation, prize drawing, and intermission – the event fills about 2,5 hours. The anniversary tour has been planned with all contingencies in place, including preparation to meet hygiene requirements for live events as well as digital fallback options.

New are the scannable tickets, which from now on will allow contactless check-in at all E.O.F.T. events.

The most prominent event series of the outdoor community is back, and the time is right to get inspired by the heroines and heroes of E.O.F.T. once again. Our purpose, established by the very first tour in 2001, remains unchanged: Authentic protagonists! Real emotions! Outstanding adventures! THIS IS REAL!


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